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Acts, is the fifth book of the New Testament; it tells of the founding of the Christian church and the spread of its message to the Roman empire.

Acts is an attempt to answer a theological problem, namely how the Messiah of the Jews came to have an overwhelmingly non-Jewish church; the answer it provides, and its central theme, is that the message of Christ was sent to the Gentiles because the Jews rejected it.

Luke-Acts can be also seen as a defense of (or “apology” for) the Jesus movement addressed to the Jews: the bulk of the speeches and sermons in Acts are addressed to Jewish audiences, with the Romans featuring as external arbiters on disputes concerning Jewish customs and law.On the one hand Luke portrays the Christians as a sect of the Jews, and therefore entitled to legal protection as a recognized religion; on the other, Luke seems unclear as to the future God intends for Jews and Christians, celebrating the Jewishness of Jesus and his immediate followers while also stressing how the Jews had rejected God’s promised Messiah.

The idea of this graphic was to show how the book of Acts still impacts the world from where it did back in Jerusalem to today. We thought that the compass was great icon to communicate the message simply.