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A portion of the Book of Psalms in the Bible is called the Psalms of Ascent. Each of these individual psalm bears the heading A Song of Ascent.” The idea is that of either a literally going up or figuratively of a pilgrimage (to God). History records that Jews sang and/or chanted these psalms as they ascended “up” to Jerusalem on holy days.

This is a series that was based on the Psalms of Ascent from the book of Psalms. As mentioned above this was chanted or sang while on a journey to Jerusalem, so I decided to add elements to the graphic that represent a journey or voyage. The compass and the ascending lines represent the journey to Jerusalem. The background image is a map of the journey to the holy city with some added texture to give it a vintage feel. I also chose the brown color since these writings took place thousands of years ago and all the roads back then were mostly made of dirt.